Auteur: Pierre Fasseaux

Section: Poésie, A dream on Gandia and Barcelona beaches, Spain.



What is your name ?

As the name which belongs to you,

Owning those beautiful eyes,

Should be like a ship,

Of Light and Quietness,

On a sea of liquid quartz.


What is your name ?

As your long black hair,

Is waves of water falls,

Rays of sun’s waves, even lightening up

The dark dunes in the desert.


Beautiful black eyes,

Please, let me know your name,

Whisper it, blow it into the wind,

I will close my eyes and will not move

While listening to the silence,

And as your shining eyes reflect

The crystals of your heart,

As well as the starry sky of your soul.


Tell me your name, beautiful eyes,

I will share it with the beggers

In the streets and we will then see a

Tender smile appearing on their faces.

For they do not need anything else,

But also hear your name and see your eyes.


However if only unspoken words remain,

The silence of your thoughts

Now belong to my dreams and told me…

I might still find your name

Hidden in a pearly shell, along the sea side.

For when I will open the shell, I will discover

That your name is a Pearl of Happiness.


Pierre Fasseaux